A Peterlee company which refurbishes old computers and laptops for redistribution back into the community has launched a new charity campaign.

Protech has started the “Pay it Forward” campaign, which aims to level the IT playing field, helping people with a ‘if we can, when we can, with your help’ approach.

The campaign aims to partner with organisations across the UK to work with their chosen charities to do the same.

Protech’s long-term vision is to create the Pay it Forward Foundation, helping as many people as possible, with our efforts spread worldwide.

On this occasion, Protech has partnered with fellow Peterlee company Shred Direct. Owner of the business, Graeme Carter, has chosen to Pay it Forward and support FACT – Fighting All Cancers Together.

Ian Murphy, Chief Operating Officer at Protech, said“Through recycling IT equipment that is ready for a second life, it’s able to be donated to those that need it most. We help people get online and show them how to leverage the benefits of e-commerce and a digital window to the world. It’s amazing to be able to facilitate such a life changing transaction and organisations like Shred Direct are leading the way in making this possible.

Joanne Smith, Chief Executive at FACT, said“Without kind donations such as this, FACT would not be here. These Laptops will be used by our staff working in the community to help our clients when they need it most. I’d like to thank Graeme and Ian for this donation. I’d urge any organisation who’d like to help out charities to reach out to Protech and join them on the Pay it Forward journey”