As part of our ongoing efforts to minimise waste to landfill, we are making major changes to our collection processes as we celebrate Shred Direct’s fifth birthday.

Shred Direct was launched by Newcastle United footballer Graeme Carter in May 2013 and has experienced significant year on year growth since.

And now, as the we prepare for year six of business, we have decided to switch from plastic collection bags to the more environmentally friendly paper alternatives.

Owner Graeme, who runs the business from East Durham Business Service’s Novus Business Centre in Peterlee, said: “I am committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and by switching to paper, it means those collection bags can also be shredded and taken to a paper mill and recycled, usually into tissue paper.

“Although this is the costlier option, it is something I’m prepared to do as it makes our process of collecting waste so much greener.

“It’s a significant move for us and something I wanted to implement to coincide with our fifth birthday.”