Tips for keeping domestic and commercial documents safe

Commercial Document Security

Businesses and organisations have a legal responsibility to safeguard the privacy of anyone whose information they hold on a database, or a printed copy. It is also a requirement that when these records are no longer needed they are destroyed in a safe and secure manner.

Our certificated destruction service can form part of your company compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Here are our top commercial document security tips:
  • Keep documents safe and ensure commercial-in-confidence for sensitive documents
  • Keep laptops and other movable devices locked away securely when not in use
  • Ensure documents are not left around for the public or non-authorised personnel to view
  • Lock filing cabinets
  • Ensure that waste is properly disposed of such as confidential papers being sent for secure destruction, this also include CDs and computer hard drives
  • Password protect computers and documents

Personal Document Security

Although businesses need to make document security a priority, it is equally important that individuals understand the importance of keeping documents safe and destroying them when no longer needed. This applies both at home and at work.

Here are our top personal document security tips:
  • Personal information is valuable – to you AND to potential thieves
  • Safeguard your information – both electronic and physical
  • Shred and destroy old personal documents
  • Shred and destroy old credit/debit cards
  • Shred and destroy old computer hard drives